Lesley Reeder, RN

Senior Vice President

Lesley Reeder has nearly 20 years of experience in value-driven health care, serving complex populations across the continuum of health care services. She works in a variety of payer, provider, clinical, governmental and community environments. Ms. Reeder is highly focused on bringing value and health care equity to all facets of clinical and population health program development and administration, performance improvement and policy/operational activities.

Ms. Reeder was most recently Director of Medical Management for a health plan with a Medicare Advantage Duals Special Needs Plan (MA D-SNP), a Medicaid managed care plan, a health care marketplace population and commercial lines of business. In that role, she rebuilt all aspects of the D-SNP Model of Care, as well as the transitions of care, complex care management and population health management programs to align with NCQA Health Plan Accreditation, CMS and State regulatory requirements. Prior to this, Ms. Reeder was a health care consultant for a small firm supporting MA, SNP, Medicaid and other medical management programs for health plans. Ms. Reeder was also the Chief Nursing Officer for a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), organization and Senior Manager of Medicaid contracts at a Colorado-based health plan. Ms. Reeder also served at the State of Colorado’s Medicaid agency in Quality Improvement and Long Term Care.

Ms. Reeder is a registered nurse with an active compact state license. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Regis University and an MBA-Health Administration from the University of Colorado Denver.