Financial Modeling & Analytics -old


Financial Modeling & Analytics -old

Data is increasingly a driver for decision making in today’s health care environment.  Whether it’s related to finances, utilization, workforce, insurance claims or quality metrics, our team members can analyze and interpret complex and large sets of data and then develop budgets, forecasts and other scenarios to assist with and advise other strategic design and implementation engagements.

We are experts in:

  • Finance

    Our team can create budgets and pro forma financial statements to help clients understand their financial position and prepare for possible scenarios, including mergers and acquisitions, affiliations, capitation, and moving away from fee-for-service arrangements.

  • Strategic Planning

    Our team members are trusted advisors who can help clients assess their current situation and develop a rigorous financial plan to address the strategic and operational needs of their organization.

  • Databases and Dashboards

    We deal with very large and often highly complex sets of data, but our expertise in analysis and modeling helps us present an accurate, complete and understandable view of our clients’ conditions.


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