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Navigating unprecedented and unpredictable conditions

During a disaster, hospitals and health systems will be called on to enact their emergency preparedness/operations plans. A disaster triggers a cascade of activities hospitals must undertake to activate new protocols and committees, shore up resources and materials, establish communication plans and enact a myriad of other steps to transition into emergency mode. Increased pressures coming from patients, staff, physicians and the general public put hospitals in a challenging position, requiring new strategies to address patient concerns while mediating an alarmed workforce.

COPE Health Solutions has partnered with hospitals and health care systems to support their response to a crisis that mitigates risks to patients, staff and communities. COPE Health Solutions has a history of providing support to health system clients in crisis mode.

Areas of support include:

  • Staffing shortages
    • Provide both licensed clinical and non-clinical staff to support interaction with patients via an application with tablet or smartphone capabilities
    • Document and launch new workflows, staff reassignments, unit conversions, patient access protocols and monitoring programs outside of “brick and mortar”
  • Administrative overload
    • Support establishment of on-site or remote project management office (PMO)
    • Provide project management (PM) support, including either dedicated resource or access to pooled resources – remote or on-site
    • Provide seasoned health care hospital operations and strategy executives to give remote subject matter expertise and support, in tandem with PMO or PM support as needed
  • Communication
    • Provide interim staffing and experienced professionals to support the design of communication strategies, including social media messaging
    • Provide interim staffing to answer questions on an information hotline, as well as make outbound calls to self-quarantined individuals and families

Our Disaster Support Services include:


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