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Carla D’Angelo – Team Member Spotlight

Carla D’Angelo, Vice President, leads the Health+Hospital/OneCity Health account in New York City. As the account lead, she directs the work of 15 consultants in the internal account team and manages the relationship with the client. She has spent most of her career in managed care and most recently helped lead the transition of an IPA to an Article 44 Managed Care Organization in Rochester, New York. Mrs. D’Angelo was introduced to COPE Health Solutions as a client working on the Finger Lakes Preforming Provider System (PPS) account. She served on the Finance Committee of the FLPPS Board of Directors, representing the community.


What are the favorite aspects of your role at COPE Health Solutions?

Every day on the H+H/OneCity Health account is new and unpredictable. Through this trailblazing work, I am challenged to work smarter and constantly stretch the client out of their comfort zone. It is very gratifying to see how much progress we can make and how quickly we can establish trust with our clients. I love knowing the work we do every day is felt all the way down to the patient/member level and we can make such immediate and meaningful impacts.  My entire career has been spent focusing on the underserved population and my personal volunteer time is spent serving on boards’ of organizations with missions similar to ours. I love how mission-driven COPE Health Solutions is and how much we do for the communities in which we serve.


What are your thoughts on mentoring future health care workers?

Mentoring has been near and dear to my heart for the past 15 or so years. I am where I am in my career all thanks to the guidance and support from outstanding mentors. I believe strongly that we all need trusted advisors both in our areas of expertise and outside – mentoring is a great way to do that. As an undergraduate, I was the Chairman of the Honors Peer Mentoring Program and learned the value of mentorship and coaching and I have carried that throughout my career. I believe mentorship is the key to enriching our workforce and I absolutely love mentoring enthusiastic and eager colleagues.


What are some recent successes you have had in your role or work with COPE Health Solutions?

In the last seven months, I have seen tremendous growth in the H+H/OneCity Health team. The dedication, tenacity and commitment of our team is unmatched and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it. The team’s growth and how willing everyone is to help is one of the most important successes to me.  Another major success I have had in this role is building a strong relationship with our client leaders. We have been entrusted to take on additional responsibilities and recently we were awarded a significantly larger scope.


What led you to a career in health care?

I have always known I was going to be in health care and knew I wanted to be in a ‘helping’ field. In middle school and high school, I shadowed at local hospitals and volunteered as a ‘candy striper’. As an undergraduate in college, I thought I wanted to go to medical school and after two years of anatomy and physiology and dissecting a human cadaver I realized I was not cut out for medical school. I shifted my focus to health policy and finding ways to impact health care on a larger scale and decided I wanted to pursue a Master’s in Public Health degree. I have worked in all sorts of health care jobs (medical receptionist, policy, quality, managed care, advocacy, etc.) and have loved every single one of them.  I know I am where I am destined to be and I’ll always choose health care because there is no greater gift than our health.


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