Project Management Office


Project Management Office

Working with COPE Health Solutions has made a huge difference in our achieving success thus far in the 1115 waiver work. Our COPE consultants rapidly created the detailed project plans we needed to get our projects up and running in very tight timeframes.

-Dr. Mark Hernandez, Chief Medical Officer, Community Care Collaborative

We facilitate the implementation and operation of large-scale, complex projects within health care systems using project management methodologies customized to our client needs.  At the outset of an engagement, we work closely with our clients’ leadership teams to assess their project management capacity, evaluate their performance and determine what they need to keep projects on track for success.  Even when working with projects that have defined deliverables and objectives, such as the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program projects that are part of 1115 Medicaid Waivers, our experts understand that there are complexities that do not always lend themselves to the most logical approach.  Therefore, having the operational knowledge and experience that our team possesses is critical to  managing process flows and people in a niche environment successfully.

We are experts in:

  • Comprehensive Planning and Implementation

    Because many of the projects we manage have ambitious goals matched with tight timelines and multiple stakeholders, we work closely with clients to create dashboards around key metrics and milestones that encourage constant monitoring and a high level of focus.

  • Resource Management

    We identify and evaluate gaps in personnel and resources in order to offer leadership, mentoring, and staff to establish or enhance our clients’ project management capacity.

  • Education and Training

    We provide appropriate education and training to sustainably transition leadership responsibility to the client’s project management team as they staff up and become high performing.


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