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Call to Action Engaging Physicians to Drive Quality

It is no trade secret that physicians drive quality and medical spend in the health care industry. Across the nation, health systems, independent physician associations (IPAs), and accountable care organizations (ACOs) are challenged to effectively partner with their physicians to achieve high-quality outcomes and reduce the total cost of care. Those organizations most
successful in managing risk often demonstrate a common set of key organizational qualities: engaged clinical leadership, aligned financial incentives, satisfied and productive providers, and credible data.

As value-based payments (VBPs) continue to lead the reimbursement landscape in the United States, provider organizations are grappling with how to adequately incentivize their physicians and hold them accountable for improving quality outcomes and reducing health care spend. Following are best practices and lessons learned across thecountry on how to engage physicians as groups move to taking on risk.

Read this article published in Group Practice to learn about the key strategies to engaging physicians in improving the cost and quality of care delivered.

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