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Strategic Relationships in Partnerships

As in any relationship, strategic relationships require time and commitment to develop a partnership with mutual benefits. It all begins with an introduction which will test the chemistry and the objectives between the two parties. At times, even when all the strategies are aligned, the interactions may not be comfortable. It’s an indication that the partnership will need to be nurtured either by yourself or by another from your company.

Strategic relationships begin with independent partners sharing a mutual interest but together can make contributions that strengthen the parties involved. Although the differences within a partnership can be a challenge, they can be resolved if the end goal is kept in the forefront of all interactions. Mary Parker Follett, an early management theorist, believed that conflict or differences pushes individuals to be innovative in finding solutions that result in a ‘win-win’ versus just compromising.

Every relationship must begin with knowing what you want to achieve. This direction may come from the mission of the organization, the strategic plan, or a project goal. If the talent is not within your company, then looking for the right alignment becomes a critical component for success. You will note that many grants today require that you have strategic partners to result in a more diverse, far-reaching outcome than would be achieved if only one group participated.

Thus, as we work with human organizations, it is important to always look at their alignments and the priorities to better understand how we as a company can bring them more value. All successful relationships are built on a level of trust that continues to strengthen based on the mutual benefit. The ability to shift and adjust based on the changing environment is essential to the longevity of the relationship. Visibility and contact with each other promotes understanding and support of each other’s needs. Being responsive to a partnership is essential for the relationship to remain strong and productive.


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