Care Coordination Summit Testimonials
May 30, 2015
Hotel Casa del Mar

1910 Ocean Way, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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“COPE Health Solutions is bringing a product to us that is valuable to us.  It would take a lot of work on our part to do what COPE Health Solutions is doing for us and with us.  In developing relationships with universities, and doing it in a way that is cost effective”

– Bob Blair,  Kaiser Permanente


“COPE Health Solutions brings a level of interest and energy that’s very different from any other consulting firms (who are not necessarily in the business but are doing consulting).  It’s nice to have a consultant who is actually in the business of how do you deliver better health care, giving guidance and advice, as you’re developing your strategies both on the payer side and on the care delivery side”

– Bridgette Widfling, Rochester Regional Health System


“The work COPE Health Solutions is doing is amazing.  Look at what’s happening in New York, Texas, and the role they have played in advancing the health care systems in those states and what they are doing in California as well – it’s really transformative.”

– Roland Fargo, Adventist Health