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Webinar: Financial Sustainability Post-Covid: Maximizing Revenue From Fee-for-Service and Value-based Payment Contracts and Other Arrangements

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  • C. Dangelo

Allen Miller, Principal, COPE Health Solutions

C. Duane Dauner, Executive Advisor, COPE Health Solutions
Brent Hardaway, Principal, COPE Health Solutions
Carla D’Angelo, Vice President, COPE Health Solutions

Health systems, hospitals and medical groups have had to significantly adjust to the continued financial impact of Covid-19. Payor contracting, including expectations under existing agreements, has taken on a new dimension because of emergency regulations, waivers, use of numerous technologies and other short-term accommodations. It is more important than ever to identify and act on targeted opportunities to improve revenue through 2020 and beyond.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the specific strategies and tactics that health systems, hospitals, and medical groups should be undertaking to maximize revenue under current contracts, such as ways to reduce out-of-network “leakage,” physician alignment strategies, and common care gaps to close. We will also share how to prepare for a successful 2021 contracting year, including considerations for how activities related to risk scoring and health assessment activities now will impact next year’s revenue.

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