Health Care Talent Development -old


Health Care Talent Development -old

With the collaborative partnership of COPE Health Solutions, we were able to optimize the overall patient experience. Their work on our design of new initiatives were instrumental and invaluable, and as a result, we continue to receive national recognition towards our journey to transform to a culture of a healing hospital.

-Grace Ibe, Dignity Health/Southern California West

We offer a comprehensive and sustainable series of programs and support to address the strategic human capital needs of hospitals, health systems and other health care providers.  Through continuous recruitment, screening, education, hands-on training and professional development, we have created a pipeline of personnel who are best-fit, competent, culturally and linguistically diverse candidates for hospital and other health system positions.  Over the past 20 years, we have earned the trust of our health system partners to grow the diverse young talent in their communities into trusted care professionals and staff members, linking health care employers to a network of more than 24,000 potential candidates.

We are experts in:

  • Workforce Development

    Our team is experienced in developing strategies that help health systems ‘home grow’ their workforces from within their communities through improved recruitment, retention, redeployment, satisfaction, quality, patient support and staff engagement.

  • Experiential Education

    With programs such as Red Shirt and Health Care Scholar, we provide unprecedented hands-on education and training alongside clinical professionals in both inpatient and ambulatory care settings.

  • Program Management

    A full-time, on-site manager closely oversees each program’s operations in cooperation with hospital clinical and administrative staff, offering a ‘turn-key’ volunteer program with minimal staff effort.

  • Customized Strategy

    Our programs at each health system, clinic or provider partner are customized for the system culture and initiatives, community, location and culture they are serving through organizational assessments, interviews with site staff and meetings with labor representatives.


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