Libertarians, and others frustrated with the costs and strictures of regulation, may express the view that regulation of the insurance industry is often burdensome and unnecessary. Without addressing the global topic, there is a solid argument that good regulation serves the public interest through supporting ongoing confidence in the insurance market in which the public […]

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Concerns about unsustainable health care costs, opportunities to improve quality and outcomes, the need for culturally competent care, and other market forces are leading to more value-based care payment and delivery models. These models require the leveraging of new technologies and changes in the delivery of care. This puts additional pressures on a workforce in […]

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On October 18, 2018, COPE Health Solutions and Montefiore Health System hosted the West Coast regional Population Health 360 Conference in Los Angeles, California. More than 50 health care leaders from provider and payor organizations gathered for this invite-only event to discuss current trends, challenges and the future vision of the value-based payment landscape. Attendees […]

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APG Regional Meeting
October 25, 2018

Topic: Delegated Model and MSO Compliance and Regulatory Issues
Presenter: Carla D'Angelo and Tom Dougherty


A recent headline, “With 8k more physicians than Kaiser, Optum is ‘scaring the crap out of hospitals: ’1 is resonating within the hospital sector, as it reinforces what many hospital system executives are facing: either becoming a partner – or fearing becoming a “cost center.” The article’s premise – that two behemoths are battling it […]

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Patient experience has a direct impact on the bottom line of hospitals and health systems. Satisfied patients, and often their families, can lead to improved market share as the health system builds a positive reputation in the community. Additionally, physicians are becoming increasingly responsible for patient experience as payor contracts begin to incorporate value-based arrangements […]

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