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NALHE Leadership Summit - Defining Excellence in 21st Century Healthcare
Don't miss this opportunity to connect with health leaders from across the country! Together, we will exchange information and knowledge regarding best practices, learn about the latest industry tools, research and trends in healthcare, provide resources for community health improvement and wellness, cultural competency, financial management, IT, leadership, career advancement and professional development and we will hear from authorities and experts in public policy, strategy, D&I, government, the C-Suite, executive recruitment and more.
Presenter: Carla D'Angelo and Wren Keber
Shaping Healthcare's Future: Delivering Value Along the Continuum of Care
This year's 13th Annual Conference, entitled; "Shaping Healthcare's Future: Delivering Value Along the Continuum of Care", will bring together experts from across the full spectrum of the heathcare industry to discuss and debate the dramatic changes underway to align incentives, improve outcomes, and "bend the cost curve".
Presenter: Dawn Hawkins Johnson
State of New York Finance
State of NY Finance provides for an educational day with New York City and state finance experts and policy leaders responsible for budget, expense, cost, investment and fiscal affairs in government. We have four Power Panels on New York’s major financial issues including sustainability, security, health care and infrastructure. Each will provide information to government finance professionals and an opportunity to hear from the experts in each field.
Presenter: Wren Keber
Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference
The first annual Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference will foster a dialog about the opportunities and challenges facing one of the nation’s most dynamic states for health care. This conference brings together industry experts and state policy makers from across the state. Join us to connect, network, and discuss the most important health care activity taking place today. Managing constant change in health care takes more than just hard work. It takes a solid understanding the legislative process and knowledge about intricacies of the health care system. That’s where State of Reform comes in. State of Reform pulls together practitioners, thought leaders, and policymakers – each working to improve the health care system in their own way – into a unified conversation in a single place. The agenda is built based on the advice of our Texas Convening Panel to maximize value for attendees. It is sure to be one of the most diverse statewide gatherings of senior health care leaders, and one of the most important events in Texas health care. With hundreds of attendees from all corners of health care and health policy, this is an event that can’t be missed! Check out this short video that explains why State of Reform will be in Texas and previews what the event in Austin might look like then register to join us!
Presenter: Dave Salsberry
Hawaii State of Reform Health Policy Conference
The event will bring together health care leaders from all the islands and the federal government to discuss critical next steps in Hawaii’s health care transformation. A conference should be more than just a sharing of ideas; it should empower attendees with strategies that further their own visions of reform. This January, State of Reform aims to drive the conversation further than it has gone before through a convening panel of local experts who will help select our panel topics. In every state State of Reform is in, we strive to bring this policy-agnostic, cross-siloed approach. We hope you will join us this Jan. 12, 2017 as we continue to connect the dots in health care in Hawaii.
Presenter: Carla D'Angelo
Washington State of Reform Health Policy Conference
Now in our seventh year, the Washington State of Reform Health Policy Conference is the state’s largest gathering of health care leaders and insiders. This all-day event features industry experts and policy-makers, covering the most complex issues facing health care today. If you are interested in understanding what occurs at the nexus of healthcare policy and politics, then this is the event for you. Join the conversation and help shape the state of health care reform in Washington.
Presenter: Ramona Ramadas and Leah Rosengaus
Los Angeles State of Reform Health Policy Conference
State of Reform convenes one of the broadest, most diverse groups of senior health care executives and policy makers. Together, with everyone in one room, we can talk about the most pressing issues facing Southern California health care today. This event breaks down silos, and fosters dialog across the full spectrum of care.
Presenter: Carla D'Angelo and Wren Keber
Alaska State of Reform Health Policy Conference
Using Technology to Improve Patient Care Delivery
Presenter: Ramona Ramadas
Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference
The Mixed Success of Disruptive Technologies
Presenter: Ramona Ramadas
Leveraging DSRIP for Medicaid Payment Transformation
Strategies for Success with Value-Based Payment
Presenter: Wren Keber and Dawn Hawkins Johnson