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ACGLA Healthcare Panel
As the US healthcare industry explores new opportunities to capitalize on population health management; health insurers, hospital systems, physician groups and other ancillary service providers are finding more innovative ways to collaborate and leverage technology and data to improve the episode of care for their customers. California has been and continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the health care industry and our distinguished group of panelists will provide insight into where they see the market heading.
Presenter: Allen Miller
State of Reform
Redesigning our Workforce for 21st Century Care
Presenter: Leah Rosengaus, Director
2016 Washington State of Reform Health Policy Conference
Models of Provider Risk and Value Based Payment - Seattle, WA
Presenter: Cindy Ehnes
UCLA Health Forum Session with Ester Seok
Sustainability in Healthcare Finance: Adding Value Over a Lifetime - Los Angeles, CA
Presenter: Roland Fargo, Sarita Mohanty, Joel Yuhas, Allen Miller
12th Annual Best Practices for Nonprofits
Best Practice Strategies for Health and Human Service Providers Effective PPS / ACO Governance, Connections to Community-Based Organizations, Value Based Payment Challenges, and the California Experience - Liverpool, NY
Presenter: Allen Miller
Texas Healthcare Financial Management Association
“My how time has flown by. So just how do we prepare for the 1115 Waiver renewal?” - Lubbock, TX
Presenter: David Salsberry & Mallory Johnson
Women's Wellness Conference
The Launch of Obamacare: What Does It Mean for You & What’s Next - Los Angeles, CA
Presenter: Jim Lott
Health Care Executives of Southern California (HCE)
"The State of Healthcare" - Los Angeles, CA
Presenter: Allen Miller
2013 ACMA Leadership Conference
"Innovations in Successful Care Transitions: A National Perspective" - Las Vegas, NV
Presenter: Jim Lott
Patient Satisfaction: Cracking The Code
Presenter: Leah Rosengaus