The History of COPE Health Solutions

COPE Health Solutions, formerly Community Outreach Prevention and Education (COPE), started as a community outreach program formed by a group of UCLA student volunteers with the common goal to provide health education to the underprivileged and uninsured in the Los Angeles community. In the years following, COPE Health Solutions has evolved into a thought leader in health care that provides business, clinical integration and health workforce solutions, while continuing to focus on improving the health of the community, now through the redefinition of health care systems.
  • HCTI program debuts at Swedish Medical Center with course credit made available for all Clinical Care Extenders.
  • HCTI and patient navigator training programs launches at Kaiser Permanente.
  • 1115 Waiver transformation work continues in Texas, with project in Austin, and also spreads to New York at Mt. Sinai, Bronx Lebanon and Rochester health systems.
  • COPE Health Solutions signs its first contract in Texas, with JPS Health Network for DSRIP 1115 Waiver work.
  • L3 Connect Network and Global Health Experiences launched.
  • New business solutions clients, including Adventist White Memorial, come on board.
  • COPE Health Solutions develops the Los Angeles Regional Accountable Care Network.
  • Health Workforce Solutions service line becomes Health Care Talent Innovations (HCTI).
  • COPE Health Solutions updates its mission, value and service lines to better define work being done, how it is approached and how the team engages with clients to add value.
  • New web site launched.
  • COPE Health Solutions develops Personal Health Record linked to the NaviLinx Care Transitions & Coordination Software.
  • Integration PathwaysSM debuts.
  • COPE Health Solutions establishes itsbusiness solutions division and launches county-wide ambulatory care strategic plan for a major county hospital and health care system in northern California
  • NaviLinx Care Transitions & CoordinationSM software development begins
  • COPE Health Solutions and Kern Medical Center are awarded $30 million to develop and implement the Kern Medical Center Health Plan as a Medicaid demonstration project under the Coverage Initiative
  • LAC+USC Healthcare Network, COPE Health Solutions and local community clinics launch the Camino de Salud Network, an integrated delivery network (IDN)
  • The COPE team partners with CVHP on a major patient flow redesign project for their two hospitals
  • COPE is incorporated, changes its name to COPE Health Solutions, and redefines its mission from direct outreach to systems transformation
  • COPE receives its first contract, with Citrus Valley Health Partners (CVHP), to implement the clinical care extender program, an innovative pre-health professions student internship program
  • COPE developsits family health services line and creates community service programs Together Educating and Advocating for Community Health (TEACH) and Healthy Babies at CVHP, using funding from UniHealth Foundation
  • COPE receives a grant from the California Office of Criminal Justice Planning, Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Branch to hire staff
  • COPE is incubated under Community Partners
  • UCLA student volunteers establish Community Outreach Prevention & Education (COPE) to provide health education to Los Angeles underprivileged and uninsured
  • COPE funds a course to train UCLA students and receives its first major grant to supervise these interns while working at outreach sites to provide health education and enrichment activities to at-risk youth in the LA area